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Embark on a Transformative Journey
Are you ready to shape the future of education while embracing your faith and passion for a teaching ministry?


Our fully online Educator Preparation Program is your gateway

to an inspiring and purpose-driven teaching ministry that

seamlessly blends pedagogy with faith.

If you are faith-driven, get ready to take your aspirations to new heights.

Why Earn A Texas Standard Teacher Certificate at

The Texas Institute for Teacher Education?


Expanding Horizons: Gain a profound understanding of current educational practices while embracing the values of faith, compassion, and service.


Expertise that Shines: Deepen your skills in communication, collaboration, leadership, advocacy, and innovation - qualities rooted in faith-based values that are essential for today's teachers.


Diverse Opportunities: Learn to thrive and excel in various educational settings such as Texas public and private schools, higher education, nonprofits, community institutions, civic organizations, and corporate businesses.


Embracing Diversity: Cultivate an inclusive classroom that celebrates diversity and nurtures a sense of belonging for all.

“ Unlike traditional public education, faith-based public education nurtures the whole child by seamlessly blending the biblical constructs of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding with modern cognitive and neuroscience principles to create learning spaces and experiences that enhance teacher effectiveness and student learning outcomes.” (Doak, 2023)

Program Learning Outcomes

You will learn how to...


PLO 1: Apply knowledge of evidence-based educational principles and technology to enhance classroom instruction and student learning outcomes.

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