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Certification Requirements
& Calendar of Activities


Registration and successful completion of required coursework in Certification Plan

Module Format: Instructor-led in Virtual Classroom

Grading System: Traditional

When: After program admission


Successful completion of (Professional Internship)

Course Length: One Full School Year once hired as an Intern/Probationary Teacher of Record or 14 Weeks Once Hired as a Teacher Assistant

Course Format: Instructor-led Virtual Classroom and Teacher Classroom

Grading System: Traditional and TTESS

When: After passing TExES Content/PPR exam(s) and once hired as Intern/Probationary Teacher of Record or Teacher Assistant


After completion of Module 10, teacher candidates complete a Certification Review prior to program graduation and receiving a formal recommendation for the

Texas Standard Teacher Certificate.

TEA conducts a national background check on all certification applicants.

Teacher candidates may request a preliminary criminal history check, if desired.

When: Last month of Professional Internship

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