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Consumer report information may be found at

Contact Educator Certification at the Texas Education Agency

Customer Service Telephone Hours​

8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (CST) 
(512) 936-8400

Option 2-Educator Certification/ Account Access 
Option 3-Fingerprinting Support 
Option 5-Educator Preparation Programs 
Option 6-Investigations 
Option 8-General Information 
For testing questions, including eligibility and PACT, contact the TEA testing staff at (512) 463-9039. 

Submit a Help Desk Ticket 
Email Educator Certification through the TEA Help Desk (icon at the top right-hand comer of the TEA website). Select the Educator Certification & Testing icon to submit a request. 

TEAL/ECOS Account Setup 
Account Setup: The Educator Certification Online System (ECOS) is the online site for educators to access their certification account to verify or apply for certification. The Texas Education Agency Login (TEAL) is a secure gateway where access must be set up before an educator can access their certification account by clicking here. To create an online TEAL (TEA Login) account, go to and click on TEAL Login or ECOS for Educators. The ECOS for Educator link provides step-by-step instructions, along with two reference guides: TEAL Quick Reference Guide or Educator setup guide that includes screens/tots and graphics. If you hold or have ever held any type of educator certificate or permit in Texas, please verify your information using the Certificate Lookup option before setting up your account. Failure to confirm your information will cause delays. Once you have verified your information, you may begin setting up your TEAL account.