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Teaching Through  Grace and Peace

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All Teacher Certification Programs Offered By The Texas Institute For Teacher Education Are Fully Accredited By The Texas State Board For Educator Certification.

We are veteran classroom teachers training a new generation of teachers. We believe teachers must meet the diverse learning needs of all students. We are committed to:

  • Training professional educators equipped to use personalized learning strategies to address diverse learning needs;

  • Training professional educators who recognize that learner variability guides personalized classroom instruction; and

  • Training professional educators who use universally-designed instructional practices to create accessible learning environments that value diversity, excellence, and inclusive participation.

Texas Education Agency

2017 – 2018 Continuing Approval Review Report

A 5-year Continuing Approval Desk Review was conducted for The Texas Institute for Teacher Education (061701) Educator Preparation Program (EPP).  Per 19 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §228.10(b), an entity approved by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) to certify educators shall be reviewed at least once every five years. The Texas Institute for Teacher Education was originally approved as an EPP on February 6, 2009. Dr. John Doak is the program Legal Authority and the primary EPP contact. The Texas Institute for Teacher Education is approved for the following certificate classes: Teacher Class only. This review indicates that all candidates who received Texas Standard Teacher Certificates through The Texas Institute for Teacher Education met requirements as identified in 19 TAC Chapter 230.

Accountability System for Educator Preparation Annual Report 2018

Percent Passing PPR Examination


New Teacher Satisfaction Survey


Frequency and Duration of Field Observations


Quality of Field Observations


Applicant Acceptance Rate


Retained in Program


GPA of Incoming Class


Percent Employed Within One Year of Completion: Does Not Include Out-of-State Teachers, Private School Teachers, and

Non K-12 Educational Settings