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Certifying Faith-Driven Teachers Since 2009

Teacher Praying

Our Mission

The Texas Institute for Teacher Education, a distance-education teacher preparation program, exists to glorify God by equipping future faith-driven teachers with the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to teach K12 students to think critically, act virtuously, and live selflessly.


​Our Vision


Our vision is to glorify God by preparing faith-driven teachers for professional service within

all Texas public schools. 

Become an inspired teacher today!

Are you passionate about the transformative power of faith and the guiding influence of education?

Learn to seamlessly integrate faith and pedagogy while earning a Texas Standard Teacher Certificate.

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young beautiful teacher of geography search different countries on globe prepare for lesso

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Our Core Values...


Faith-Based Public Education for Texas Teacher Certification

What is Faith-Based Public Education?

In Faith-Based Public Education: Transforming Classrooms Into Learning Sanctuaries, Dr. Doak invites readers on a transformative journey that explores the seamless integration of public education and personal faith. This book introduces educators, parents, and school stakeholders to the concept of Faith-Based Public Education, an educational model that fuses the biblical principles of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding with modern educational theories to offer a comprehensive approach to transforming public school classrooms into learning sanctuaries.  From foundational theories and biblical integrations in education to practical guidelines for designing, shaping, and managing learning environments, the book provides a complete picture of faith-based public education. 

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