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The Texas Institute for Teacher Education is seeking individuals to serve on our Advisory Board for the 2019-20 school year. We are seeking individuals from all walks of life to help us prepare teachers for 21st century classrooms. The Advisory Board meets once during the fall semester (December) and once during the spring semester (May). All Advisory Board meetings are broadcast via video-conferencing for members residing outside the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The mission of the TXITE Advisory Board is to provide advice, guidance, support and advocacy for The Texas Institute for Teacher Education (“Institute”) and the continuing development of its educator preparation program. The Board's role is advisory, service-oriented, and voluntary. The Advisory Board provides guidance, expertise, and direction for Institute programs, policies, and procedures.  Members serve two-year terms and we provide training for all members. If you are interested in serving or would like to nominate an individual, please email your information to our Program Director, John Doak, Ph.D.


2.) The Texas Institute for Teacher Education is now hiring Field Supervisors to observe teacher candidates, monitor their performance, and provide constructive feedback to improve their effectiveness as educators. The rate of pay is $65 per field visit (45 minute classroom observation plus pre/post conference with the teacher candidate.)


The minimum requirements to serve as a TXITE Field Supervisor include:


1.) The individual must be an accomplished educator as shown by student learning with at least three years of experience and current certification in the class in which supervision is provided or hold at least a master's degree in the academic area or field related to the certification class for which supervision is provided; 

2.) The individual must complete TEA-approved Field Observation Training provided by their local education service center; 


3.) The individual must complete TXITE Field Supervisor Training; and

4.) The individual must adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Educators.