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Enrollment Agreement


The teacher candidate agrees to adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Educators, all Texas Education Agency (TEA) regulations stipulated in the Texas Administrative Code (including national background check), and all school district contractual obligations the candidate incurs once hired as a Teacher of Record on a Texas Intern/Probationary Teacher Certificate. Recurring, automated payments are established for each teacher candidate upon enrollment in the Professional Practicum, once hired as a teacher or placed as a clinical teacher. Candidates who do not adhere to their payment plans face possible program suspension, including loss of credit for internship days, debt collection or legal responses, and deactivation of teacher certificates issued by the Texas Education Agency. The Candidate fully agrees to incur and satisfy all program costs prior to program completion and before being recommended for the Texas Standard Teacher Certificate issued by the Texas State Board for Educator Certification, a division of the Texas Education Agency.

Program completion requires additional examination, certification, and fingerprinting fees payable to the Texas State Board for Educator Certification (Texas Education Agency) and Pearson Education. The TEA Technology Fee (currently $35) is submitted to TXITE prior to each testing approval. For candidates enrolled in the Professional Practicum (10 month internship), once we receive verbal or written (SOE) notice that you are employed as an Intern/Probationary "teacher of record" or enrolled in the Professional Practicum, the practicum tuition shall be submitted in monthly payments for the duration of the practicum until the initial TEA-issued certificate expires. For candidates enrolled in the Clinical Teacher Practicum (14 week internship), once placed into the clinical teaching portion of the practicum, the practicum tuition shall be submitted in monthly payments. Candidate is responsible for making monthly payments for the total amount of fees. Candidate agrees to establish automated, recurring electronic monthly bank drafts from Candidate's account to deposit into The Texas Institute for Teacher Education account. Candidate will be responsible to The Texas Institute for Teacher Education for the total amount of the fees regardless of whether Candidate changes employment to a different school/district.

If Candidate falls behind on payments and/or has an outstanding balance due, The Texas Institute for Teacher Education will not recommend an extension of the Intern/Probationary certificate or the issuance of the Standard Certificate. Candidate agrees to an additional practicum fee ($3000) to continue for an additional practicum year, if necessary to secure a field supervisor and/or principal recommendation, passing scores on the TExES exams, or complete coursework. This fee is remitted in monthly payments of $300. Candidates in need of an additional year must be approved by the Program Director.

The Texas Institute for Teacher Education will attempt to collect from the Candidate any outstanding balance for the Professional Practicum if he/she secures employment as a first-year teacher of record but does not enroll in the professional internship or voluntarily withdraws from the program. Candidates currently employed as a teacher assistant or paraprofessional may elect to enroll in the 14 week internship if the clinical teaching experience is desired.

OUT OF DISTRICT/STATE FEE POLICY: Internships outside a 50 mile radius of Dallas incur an additional fee of $300.00.

LATE PAYMENT POLICY: Teacher candidates that are currently in (or have completed) the Professional Practicum are subject to late penalty fees. Payments received after the due date incur a $35 late fee.



REFUND POLICY: Due to the competitive nature of the program and enrollment restrictions, all program fees are non-refundable. Candidates who withdraw (or are administratively withdrawn) from the program and are readmitted must adhere to the current tuition schedule in effect at the time of readmission. Candidates who withdraw from the Institute may choose to defer training for up to one year from written receipt of notice to defer. Candidate agrees to satisfy all fees owed to TXITE when due and payable.

SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS (SAP): The Institute defines SAP as the completion of a course within three months of the candidate's initial enrollment in the Institute. Candidates may continue in the program upon submission of the enrollment fee for another course section. Candidates with an inactive status for longer than six months will be administratively withdrawn and removed from the TEA Educator Certification Online System (ECOS). The professional practicum must be successfully completed within two academic years of the initial enrollment date. Teacher candidates are only allowed two attempts for the TExES Content exam and two attempts for the TExES PPR exam. Failure to pass a TExES exam on the second attempt results in administrative withdrawal from the program. The program director may grant exceptions to administrative withdrawals due to mitigating factors.

ADD/WITHDRAWAL POLICY: Candidates may withdraw and receive a grade of "W" for a course by giving written notification to the Program Director ( before the last course day. Candidates may add a course anytime at the discretion of the Program Director. Candidates who enroll in a course after the first four weeks of the course start date (for regular session courses; first two weeks for summer session courses) may enroll in a new section of the course free of charge if needed to complete the course. All completed tasks will be transferred to the new course section. Candidates who enroll in a course within the first four weeks and do not complete the course will be issued a "W" for withdrawal. Candidates may enroll in a new course section to earn credit for the course by submitting a new course enrollment fee. In such cases, all completed tasks will be transferred to the new course section. The add/withdrawal policy does not apply to the professional practicum course.

FERPA: I understand that under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (“FERPA” 20 USC 123g; 34 CFR §99; commonly known as the “Buckley Amendment”) no disclosure of my records can be made without my written consent unless otherwise provided for in legal statutes and judicial decisions. I also understand that I may revoke this consent at any time (via written request to the educator preparation program) except to the extent that action has already been taken upon this release. Further, without such a release, I understand that I am unable to participate in any field-based experiences including 30 clock hours of observation, clinical teaching, or internship. I hereby give my voluntary consent to officials to disclose my educational records, including academic progress and professional skill sets, to program and school district personnel.

TUITION SCHEDULE: Teacher candidates will follow the tuition schedule in effect at the time of the candidate's recommendation for the Texas Standard Teacher Certificate. The current tuition schedule is located at


Annual Percentage Rate:
The cost of your credit as a yearly rate. 0%
Finance Charge:
The dollar amount the credit will cost you.
Amount Financed:
The amount of credit provided to you or on your behalf.
Total of Payments:
The amount you will have paid after you have made all payments as scheduled.
Payment Schedule:
Payments of $300 are due on the first day of each month.
Initial Enrollment Payment:
Practicum Registration
Prepayment Fee:
Late Payment Fee:
$35 if not submitted on or before the due date.

DISPUTES: We work hard to provide exceptional service for our teacher candidates. For any disputes, the teacher candidate agrees to contact TXITE Administration for dispute resolution before initiating a financial chargeback or program complaint with any third party. The complaint process is detailed in the course syllabus. The program and TEA complaint policy, including submission form, is located at this link:

TERMS OF SERVICE: Payments received after the due date incur a late fee of $35. Non-payment will result in the deactivation of Intern/Probationary Certificates. Principals and HR Directors will be notified the same day of certificate deactivation. Due to the competitive nature of the program, limited roster space, and the teacher shortage, tuition refund requests are not granted. Description of Service: Three Months Enrollment in each certification course and One Year Enrollment in the Professional Practicum as a TEA-Certified Teacher of Record. The teacher candidate acknowledges and agrees that TXITE cannot guarantee certification and/or job placement. Hiring decisions are the responsibility of the employing school district. Rather, services shall be executed in a professional manner and in accordance with good industry practice. Invoice payment constitutes candidate agreement to all Terms of Service.

PROGRAM COMPLETION AND EXIT: All program (academic and financial) and TEA certification requirements must be complete before the candidate is recommended for the Texas Standard Teacher Certificate. The Texas Institute for Teacher Education is not a degree-granting college/university and does not participate in USDE federal financial aid programs. Program exit requires the successful completion all TXITE coursework for the intended certification category (Content Course & LAB, Course 5000, Course 0000, and PPRO 5383 or PPRO 5387), pass at least two TExES exams (Content, PPR, and STR if required for certificate area), earn satisfactory field supervisor evaluations and principal recommendation, and satisfy all program and TEA certification requirements (including national criminal history check and right to request a preliminary criminal history evaluation) to earn the Texas Standard Teacher Certificate.

IMMEDIATE PROGRAM DISMISSAL: The Texas Institute for Teacher Education (TXITE) aspires to be the preeminent Educator Preparation Program exclusively dedicated to preparing future teachers of faith for instructional and leadership roles within K12 schools and learning communities. We are committed to providing an inclusive, safe, and welcoming environment for all community members. Interfaith cooperation and understanding guides the mission and vision of TXITE. Within the context of TXITE’s mission and its determination to be faith-centered, candidates are expected to develop and maintain a high standard of personal and behavioral values. At its core, this expectation is based on loving God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and loving your neighbor as yourself. We expect all teacher candidates to adhere to the following:
Respect for the personal worth, dignity and rights of others.
Respect for the diverse backgrounds, personalities, convictions and spiritual traditions of students, staff and faculty who comprise the TXITE community.
Respect for local, state and federal laws and ordinances.
Respect for academic, spiritual, and moral enlightenment.
Respect for the Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Educators.
Respectful behavior towards all TXITE staff, faculty, and candidates.
Satisfy program and certification requirements, including satisfactory academic progress, before due dates.
Failure to do so will result in the immediate program dismissal without possibility of appeal.

TEXAS EDUCATION AGENCY REGULATIONS: Pursuant to the Texas Education Code (TEC), §22.083, all teacher candidates must undergo a criminal history background check prior to employment as a professional educator; and pursuant to the TEC, §22.0835, candidates must undergo a criminal history background check prior to clinical teaching (if selected as the preferred internship route). Regardless of whether the applicant or enrollee has been convicted of an offense: Every applicant has the right to request a criminal history evaluation letter relating to Preliminary Evaluation of Certification Eligibility. Additional information available at: In accordance with TEC, §21.044(e)(3): the effect of supply and demand forces on the educator workforce in Texas; and the performance over time of the EPP for the past five years is located at

COMPLAINTS: The program and TEA complaint policy, including submission form, is located at this link: